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Dominic Smith

This content is archived. It is kept for historical reference only. It was last modified in July 2007. It will not be updated.

CQ WPX 2004

Probably my last contest as a student in Cambridge and a hard one to enter SOSB-15 as conditions were very poor. By the Sunday afternoon A was 19! There was a complete fade out at about 1600UTC on the Saturday, and I never (with only a handful of exceptions) really made it into North America. Final score, after about 15 hours operating, 251 QSOs, 114 246 points.

Results: Apparently, I was the only SOSB-15 entrant in England, giving me first place by default (woo-hoo). Also, my accuracy seems to have been quite good for once: only 5 QSOs lost, giving a total of 109 980 points.


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