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Dominic Smith

This content is archived. It is kept for historical reference only. It was last modified in February 2006. It will not be updated.


During this weekend's ARRL CW contest (starting at 00:00 on Saturday 18th Feb, UTC), I will be operating a part-time non-serious SOSB(A)/40 LP entry in the contest. If you have a Firefox webbrowser, you should be able to see a live map of where my contacts are as and when I make them, at the address below. Sorry it doesn't work in IE (yet) but no apologies for the lack of prettiness - it is only a prototype of an idea I had for some code to be used at public special event stations. Let me know what you think.
2006-02-17 20:06:03

Probably my worst contest ever, but nevermind. As planned, I did it SOSB(A)/40 LP, and was pleased with the 40m dipole I put up, which was about 2 S-units above my vertical. A couple people struggled with my callsign, but most were OK so either I was strong, or SCP was doing its job :) The problem was that I was ill on Saturday night, so I missed the whole opening during darkness on Saturday-Sunday. With other family commitments, I only had 6 hours on-time. The final (very feeble) score reflects this: 67 QSOs, but I was pleased to have 22 mults, giving a total of 4,422 points.

In the SSB leg, M0BLF won't be on, but hopefully I'll be able to spend a couple hours op-ping M4A, before the CUWS annual dinner at Caius college.
2006-02-20 10:00:13

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