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Dominic Smith

This content is archived. It is kept for historical reference only. It was last modified in June 2007. It will not be updated.

IARU 2006

An entry by M0BLF in the IARU Contest, 2006.

Originally, I had thought that I would not be able to do this contest, but now I should be free and at home, so listen for M0BLF. As usual, I'll be using IC-706Mk2G, 100W to a Hustler 6-BTV vertical and probably a 40m dipole. Logging with the newly-released Win-Test v3. I'll probably mainly be S&P due to my weak signal, and mainly listening out for GB5HQ (of course) and all the guys in PY for WRTC, especially the WWYCers out there. Have fun and get some good rates going, guys!
2006-07-05 00:39:08

Not a bad contest, though in total I only operated for about half of it. As ever, it was very hard form the bottom of my Dartmoor valley with only the vertical (which won't tune on 80m SSB) and 100W and I was only able to make about 300 QSOs search and pounce. The most dissappointing thing, I think, is that the hill to the south of me meant that I heard nothing at all from the WRTC in Brazil. The highlight for me, however, was using my Heil headset and Bencher paddle (both bought in Dayton) for the first time, and they were a great improvement. I was able ot make a fair number of CW QSOs now that I don't have a key that falls apart, although I still need to work on sending at speed accurately. It was also encouraging to have some QSOs on 10m (Es, I presume) for the first time in over a year. The eventual claimed score is 74,235 points, including 161 SSB and 149 CW QSOs. With the exception of 3 USA QSOs, all were in Europe and Asiatic Russia. A total of just 30 ITU zone/bands were contacted, and 75 HQ/bands. Win-Test 3 worked like a dream, although it took a little while to convince it to talk to my 706.
2006-07-09 17:18:54

I was surprised this morning to receive a certificate through my letterbox from the RSGB. Turns out that I my small entry in last year's IARU Contest actually resulted in my winning first-place in England for the SOAB (Mixed) LP category! Perhaps even more suprising is that I came 6th place overall in England. Congratulations to all the other participants. My accuracy also seems to have improved somewhat: the claimed score was 74,235 and the adjudicated score was 71,344, meaning that I lost a total of about 4% in log-checking. (I suspect most of these were CW QSOs, which still needs some practice.) Full results
2007-06-14 12:53:38


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I last entered the IARU contest as part of a multi-operator team at M4A (Cambridge University) in 2005.

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