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Dominic Smith

This content is archived. It is kept for historical reference only. It was last modified in October 2006. It will not be updated.

RDXC 2006

Only had time for about 5 hours in this one, and was planning to do S&P on 20m, but my CW key became unreliable again, so I was almost only on phone. 118 QSOs (798 points) in 27 DXCCs and 35 oblasts = claimed 49476 points. Unfortunately, though, I know that some of these are busted: I don't know whether it's my voice or the compression on the 706, but a lot of the Russian stations copied my number '4' as '2' and my '8' as '6'. Maybe I'll have to learn Russian numbers in time for next year :S
2006-03-19 14:10:46

The preliminary results from this spring's RDXC contest have just been released. I was placed 120th out of 205 entrants in the World Single Operator - 14MHz category: not bad for my poor QTH, low power and limited time on. The crucial bit of the UBN is that I had the following penalties: bad calls = 1, not in logs = 1, bad exchanges = 2, and 18 QSOs which did not score. This makes my resulting score 31694, down from the claimed 49476 by almost 36%.
2006-10-18 15:30:36

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