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Dominic Smith

This content is archived. It is kept for historical reference only. It was last modified in June 2008. It will not be updated.

IOTA 2007

I just operated for a total of four and a half hours from the Cambridge University (G6UW) shack, with the primary aim of getting some new ones. I was, therefore, concentrating on the difficult mults, but I did run for a few minutes. Almost all QSOs were on 20m with some on 15m. I managed a total of 102 QSOs, including 26 new ones for my IOTA award.


40m	8/6		0/0		108
20m	67/25		6/6		627
15m	19/7		1/1		156
10m	1/1		0/0		15
Total:	95/39		7/7		906
Claimed score: 41676


After checking, my score was reduced to 36960, with 96 QSOs and 44 IOTAs. For what it is worth (bearing in mind this was very definitely not a serious entry!), I came sixth in the IOTA Fixed - Single-Op Assisted - Mixed Mode - All Band - High Power category, which was won by G4IRN with 56979 points. In the whole contest, regardless of category, I came in 1017th place out of 1767.

Logging technique

What do you do when you have three single-op stations, none doing a serious entry, in the shack at the same time? I don't know of any logging software which supports multiple entries like that. So, whilst Win-Test was running for M0TDG or G3ZAY, I was resigned to log on backs of QSL cards. The photo below shows one of the log 'pages' and one of the dupe sheets. Needless to say, these are all typed up now!

Log sheets

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