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Dominic Smith

This content is archived. It is kept for historical reference only. It was last modified in January 2009. It will not be updated.

IOTA Contest 2008

IOTA 2008

My participation in this contest was abandoned after only 50 QSOs after my vertical antenna developed a very high SWR on all bands.


After log checking, I was awarded a score of 5376 points, which placed me 1485th out of all 1802 entries. (See the official results). Thanks to the large number of entry categories in the IOTA contest, however, my 50 QSOs turned out to be sufficient to earn me 3rd place in the 'Island, Single-Operator Assisted, mixed mode, 12 hour, low power' category!


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I last entered the IOTA Contest, from the G6UW shack at Cambridge University, in 2007.

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