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Dominic Smith

This content is archived. It is kept for historical reference only. It was last modified in March 2011. It will not be updated.

RSGB AFS 70cms 2011

Win-Test screen

The Contest


□ About the contest

This contest took place on Sunday, 6th February 2011. It was the fourth of four contests forming the AFS Super-League, which Cambridge University Wireless Society and the Camb-Hams (the social part of Cambridgeshire Repeater Group) entered jointly. See AFS 2m for more information on the Super-League entry.

I operated from the Cambridge University shack as G6UW for this event.



□ The Rigs and Antennas used in the entry

I operated using an IC-706Mk2G with 20W to a 9-element yagi at about 25ft.

Adjudicated Score

□ The summary of points I made during the contest

I came 17th of 20 entrants in the Open section, with just 24 QSOs (because this was a supporting entry for Camb-Hams, as described in the write-up below). The score was 1963 points, with the best DX GI6ATZ at 466kms.


□ My comments about the contest

This operation was mainly aimed at supporting the Camb-Hams entry, as three other stations are likely to count for the team score. We did not start erecting the aerial on the 40ft tower at G6UW until 8:30am, and so we did not get on-air until about 9:50am, fifty minutes after the contest had started. The contest was so slow, however, that we do not think that the delay cost us many points. It was good fun, however, with some nice DX including GI6ATZ and GD8EXI.

QSL Information

QSL Stamp

□ How to get a QSL-Card for a Contest QSO

QSL is OK direct or via the bureau to M0BLF. About G6UW QSL Cards.

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