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Dominic Smith

This content is archived. It is kept for historical reference only. It was last modified in December 2009. It will not be updated.

Activation of Culatra Island, 2009

From 5th until 6th September 2009, a number of operators from the Cambridge University Wireless Society (M0BLF, G3ZAY, M0HSW, M0RLM, M0TJH) operated a DXpedition as CT7/homecall from Ilha Culatra, Portugal (Co-ordinates: 36.97453°N, -7.86576°W) (IOTA: EU-145).

General Information

This activation is a Cambridge University Wireless Society DXpedition.

In order to reduce my carbon footprint, I returned from Portugal to the UK by train. The outward flight was carbon-offset with CO2 balance.

HF Field Day

This weekend coincides with the IARU Region 1 Field Day. Whilst we did not actively participating in the contest (we had mains power), we were be pleased to give out the extra /P points to Field Day entrants.


We had originally announced our DXpedition as being to Ilha Deserta but on arrival we discovered that this would not be possible, so we went to Culatra island instead.

Our exact operating QTH is marked with the green arrow above.

The official IOTA website has full information (including maps) about EU-145.


Friday 4th September 2009

Saturday 5th September 2009

Sunday 6th September 2009


Photographs of Culatra may be found on my Flickr.


We used my Twitter account, @dnas2, to keep the DX Community updated during the expedition. The archived tweets are linked below (Times are UTC):

QSL Card

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