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about cambridge

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about cambridge

Cambridge University is almost certainly the nicest place to study. For the benefit of anybody who doesn't understand the system, the University has no campus per se but is divided into a number of different Colleges which is where Undergraduates, such as myself, live, sleep and eat. Teaching, generally, is done in the town, either in the Faculty's buildings or with supervisors in other colleges. Supervisors teach just two or three students at a time and are the world-experts in the field: it is often them who have written the textbooks.

The 'Backs': Looking at the bridge over the Cam at Clare College from King's College

about girton

With that little explanation out of the way, I can explain that I am at Girton College. Other Cambridge students are likely to be laughing by now because Girton is the college that is furthest from the centre of town - about 20 minutes by bike - compared with many other colleges which are in the centre of town. Nevertheless, it means that we end up with a very close-knit community where everybody knows everybody else and they say that, because of the cycle ride, the men and women of Girton have the best legs! I perhaps ought to point out that Girton's big claim to fame is as the country's first college for women and it started in the early 1870s with the present buildings following a few years later, making us one of the most modern colleges (while still retaining the charm that, some might say, Churchill and New Hall colleges lack). The college's women were not accepted by the University until quite late in the twentieth century but the College became mixed in the 1970s. Today it has about a 50:50 men:women ratio.

Girton College Tower
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