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university articles

This page is archived. It was last modified in November 2009 and it will probably not be updated.

university articles

This page contains some articles I have written.

  • Language Planning in the Val d'Aran (PDF 444kB)
    The dissertation submitted for my BA in Cambridge, for which I received a first, subtitled "The recent work of the Conselh Generau d'Aran's Oficina de Foment e Ensenhament der Aranés and its effects on the Aranés-speaking population.". The dissertation assesses recent attempts to manage this Gascon-like 'dialect' spoken by 6200 people in the Val d'Aran in the Spanish Pyrennees. (Written under the psuedonym of 'Tony Wills').
    If you have previously downloaded a copy of this which was 204kB, do not be alarmed. No content has been changed, but I added in February 2005 a colourful title page and made the psuedonym clearer.
    MD5 Checksum (refers to the February 2005 version, and allows you to check the integrity of the file): D8F031179EC78D6C0CE05796392E8418
  • How has the drugs traffic influenced Colombia's democratic structures? (PDF 112kB)
    Assess the respective rôles of politics and economics in the collapse of the Venezuelan political system in the late 1990s (PDF 505kB)
    These two long essays were done for a paper called 'Society, politics and culture in Latin America' which I borrowed into the languages tripos. I received 68%, one mark off a first, for them overall.
  • SMIL for language teachers (PDF 127kB)
    SMIL is a new language enabling multimedia to be used on the web. This article describes how language teachers can use it to develop activites for the classroom. This article was not actually part of my University work, but arose from the work I did for CHUCOL.
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