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computing for languages and linguists

This page is archived. It was last modified in November 2009 and it will probably not be updated.

computing for languages and linguists


The Certificate in Humanities Computing for Languages (aka CHUCOL, pronounced 'chuckle') which is offered by Gavin Burnage at Cambridge University is where I first really became interested in serious web design for a purpose. The course culminated with the creation of a large multimedia project for language learning: a CD-ROM which used French pop music to teach some key grammar points.

Due to the use of copyright material in the latter, I cannot publish it but the link below will take you to the rest of my CHUCOL work.

My CHUCOL site

other projects

I have also written the following pages and bits of code, in no particular order:

  • IPA in Unicode
    A simple JavaScript-based tool to give HTML entities and Unicode output for small amounts of Unicode.
  • SMIL for linguists
    Using this newish web-based authoring language to create multimedia applications for classroom use.
  • Euro Converter
    A simple JavaScript that will convert amounts in Euros back into the old national currencies of the Euro Zone.
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